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Do you have someone you really want to share with the world?

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 27 October 2010 14:17 Written by JD Austin Wednesday, 02 December 2009 07:54

This site is for anyone that would like to share someone with the world, the lessons they taught us, and the ripple their loss left behind with the world.  They may be gone from this world but they still mean so much!  This site is for YOU!

If someone is remembered are they really gone?  Is Elvis gone?  How about Marilyn Monroe or Michael Jackson?  I believe that every day people deserve that kind of immortality too.  This is a place to share that essence of them with the world so that they continue living in our hearts and minds.

Share your grief, joy, pain, and most of all the person that left you behind with the world!  If you'd like to send me a word document with an article about someone you'd like to share on this website please contact me by clicking contact us above.